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Weather Warning or Weather Report On Facebook   
For all your latest up to-date on the Weather Warning Please Log onto our Facebook page where you can find all updates and reports. we try to keep you posted every day, we also have few other people helping us out with there reports...
                              Last updated 24th April 2014 at 10.27am

Welcome To Evesham Weather Site
Here you can see what’s going on in Evesham / Worcestershire. All of the data is live 24 hours 7 days week from me. The weather station is locally run by me, I do have weather instruments that dose all work for me, and so we do our best to report to you anything that’s going on from flood alerts to storms.

About Weather Project,
Evesham Weather been going for over 2 year now. But it did start up in Hereford. But since I moved away I decided to re-do web site from where I live now. We have now set up a page on Facebook. We do have few people who are our teams. They job is to help us out with problems around the UK. Some of the data we produce on here dose get used by other reporters around the world and on web site.

We have made this web site as simply as possible. Some of us don’t like fancy web site that takes hours to load with fancy flashes. So we have been listing to our customer and this is what they want. They want something simply and quick to load. We have tested this site on mobile phones to see what the speed like.
Anyway if you do come across any problems please email me at supportATeveshamweatherDOTcoDOTuk.

About My Spelling
I would like to make some thing clear here, before you go and complain about my Spelling Stop and read this first. All I will can say is that I'm very sorry but as I am dyslexic. I am doing the best. With a little help from you guys and my partner I’m improving more and more. So please understand me before you go and complain about it. THINK of what you’re going to say. If you don't like it, please find a different website.

Android weather App "PWS and weather widget"
click here to see what you need to do. All the info is at bottom of page. But if you’re still having trouble setting it up please e-mail me I’ll be happy to help you throw it.

We also got our own Weather Gallery site. There you can see few storm pictures that we have taken from our self. We do hope you enjoy this site, but if you come across any problem please report then to us ASAP so we can put it right.

Add us to Facebook.
We have now put together a Special Facebook Page where we will keep you up to date on whatever goes on.

Thank you


Evesham Weather project

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